The best training course options for pest control professionals in New York is here! Aaspmari offers training and certification that makes sure professionals are aware of:

  • the latest technology
  • trends in the industry
  • upcoming likely outbreaks
  • advisory bulletins
  • differentiation guides for invasive species
  • guides to gear
  • extermination equipment buying opportunities
  • and more!

The course itself is structured so that it can be attended in three days of in-person training or one week of online training. The material presented in either format follows the syllabus below.

Three Day Professional Certification or One Week Online Training – $1999.99 per Person

Led by the award-winning Jonathan T. Thompson, this class delights and amuses the participants. Learn the newest chemicals and technologies and enjoy field time with the pros while laughing and having a great time!

  1. Introduction to Pest Management – Learn the ways to handle the most common invasive pests and the techniques to help customers feel comfortable with pest treatment techniques.
  1. Safety Basics – Feel at ease handling dangerous chemicals and helping customers understand the risk analysis involved in treatment.
  2. Customer Service Techniques – Help your residential and business customers feel good about the service you provide!
  3. Handling Difficult People and Situations – When it’s not going well, know what to say and how to say it. Diffuse the situation before it becomes a big deal.
  4. Managing Safety Issues – Sometimes safety becomes a concern. Guarantee that your clients are safe and comfortable and that you are protected by attending the latest safety training.
  5. Delivering Excellent Results – Make sure that your delivery matches your intentions. Excellence in pest control is one of the ways that you can build your business.
  6. Requirements of Compliance – Your local compliance requirements are key to making sure your license is protected and your team is producing.
  7. Delivering Successful Career Goals – Allow your company and your career to grow and blossom. This module of the class is designed to help you grow your brand and your pocket book!