The importance of getting professional pest control training

Taking a pest control company from good to great is a matter of investment and training. Bringing in new technology and getting the chemicals that people feel comfortable with is just the beginning. Making sure that your technicians are fully trained, certified, and ready for compliance checks is one of the responsibilities of a pest management company owner.

Arranging for training can be a logistical headache for a business owner. It’s hard to take the team out of the field in order to facilitate a day of training. Some pest control business owners send their technicians to individual training sessions on weekends in order to minimize downtime. However, this reduces the long term effectiveness of the training and the opportunity for group dynamics to build and develop among the team members is eliminated. Get rid of bed bugs if you live in phoenix and need help.

The smart pest control owners know that partnering with a professional training company is the way to grow their business. Getting their technicians training in small groups which are well coordinated is the better way to schedule and maximize the time out of the field. Man hours are in fact worth money, and there is no arguing that fact. Business decisions are key to success, and this is one that’s easy.

A solid pest management training program will help keep technicians safe on the job, lowering workman’s comp claims and maintaining client safety. Customer satisfaction will be emphasized, increasing customer retention. Those owners who invest in the development of their employees see people stay longer with greater job satisfaction and satisfied employees are a great company advertisement.

The best way to structure this type of training is to separate your technicians into groups of three. Those groups of three will stay together, and will rotate through a yearlong series of certification and professional education courses. This human resources investment should be publicized and held out to the employees and customers as a real investment in the future of the company.